Building a digital twin

A new faster, safer, sustainable & scalable approach

1. Initial Capture

A dedicated and named project manager is appointed to deliver proactive project updates, and act as a single point of contact for the duration of the project.

Onsite, our team of digital surveyors who are experienced at working in hazardous and challenging operational environments, shall rapidly conduct the photogrammetric survey of the asset.

2. Data Processing & Build

Once the images have been captured, the raw data is processed offsite using photogrammetric alignment to enable simple navigation. A stringent QA process is followed throughout.

3. Delivery

Once the build of the project is complete, the network version of R2S will be delivered to a cloud server. Should you wish to host the data internally, that can be arranged and an estimate for R2S support for this can be provided as necessary. The R2S model of your assets can then be viewed anywhere using the secure R2S desktop software.

4. Training

Training is included as part of the roll-out of the R2S software to ensure maximum value is achieved. The more users integrating the digital twin into their work processes, the more value will be achieved by you. Training is available on-site, or remotely as required, further details can be provided.

5. Value Delivered

R2S continues to rapidly evolve as sustained investment is directed into the adoption of the latest proven digital technologies. This ensures flexibility and provides the ability to further enhance the value delivered through the core R2S software; providing further cost reductions, time savings, improved safety, and collaboration.

Let’s talk about what R2S can do for your business.