Any site data in real-world context

Plan better and make decisions faster - saving money, saving time, improving safety, & enhancing collaboration

Saves money

Less travel

Eliminate non-essential journeys and repeat travel by visiting sites digitally, from any location.

Ask us how a global supermajor saved 504 man-days and 33% cost saving using R2S.

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Fewer resources

Eliminate waste by identifying and sequencing resource deployment and material deliveries according to real site conditions.

Ask us how BP’s Mad Dog platform turnaround campaign saved $10m using R2S.

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Fewer cost overruns

Optimise third-party information for accurate job pricing.

Ask us how a global supermajor saved over $2.2m by enabling contractors and experts to undertake remote planning using R2S.

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Saves time

Less searching

Access all enterprise data through one intuitive visual interface - any source, any data type, new or existing.

Ask us how a global supermajor saved 80% of a project team’s time looking for data using R2S…

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Less time on site

Create detailed offsite plans and work packs to minimise costly deployment time on site.

Ask us how a global supermajor achieved a 92% ROI, freed valuable bed space and negated travel requirements using R2S…

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Faster project completion

Enhance project team deployments with planning simulations and Virtual Induction™ – off-line workflow, operator familiarisation, and dimensional checking.

Ask us how Chevron expedited a production restart, saving over £20m using R2S…

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Improves safety

Risk mitigation

Reduce operational risk with fewer contractors on-site through planning simulations, shared data access, and identification of real-world hazards.

Ask us how a global supermajor is saving $7.6m annually by training and familiarising apprentices using R2S…

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Personnel safety

Tailored site-specific inductions and comprehensive daily briefings for contractors including safe working zones, avoidance zones, and environmental protection requirements.

Ask us how UK security services prepared for a G8 summit using R2S…

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Crisis management and root cause analysis

Understand site or asset challenges to support crisis management, response, and root cause analysis.

Ask us how R2S can be used in this application….

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Enhances collaboration

Closer collaboration

Brings data together through a single intuitive platform, supporting cross-departmental, divisional, geographic and value chain collaboration.

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Eliminates errors

Single data platform ensures all stakeholders work to the very latest design schedules, logistic programmes, and physical site design.

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Streamlines project bidding

Access to the same data supports greater accuracy in bid proposals, reduced ambiguity in specification and knowledge sharing.

Ask us how BP deployed R2S to allow bidders to plan and visualise the scope of work saving +£50k on the process alone…

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