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Save money, save time, improve safety, and enhance collaboration

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Oil & Gas

Create efficiencies, accelerate decision-making, and enhance collaboration throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

Adopted by global supermajors, National Oil Companies and niche operators, R2S has contributed financial savings to our clients measured in the tens of millions ($), and time savings measured in years.

R2S is used across the entire lifecycle and notably includes applications within:

Client Stories

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  • Through its proactive use of R2S, part of a wider digitalisation initiative, Stena Drilling has reduced the need for transit to and time onboard its global work fleet.

    This is demonstrated by a significant reduction in onsite survey requirement, with many surveys, both those carried out by Stena Drilling, and those through third parties, undertaken from the safety and convenience of the onshore environment.

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Watch a demo of the R2S software

Public Safety

Enhance investigations and collaboration between authorities and investigators, visualise cold cases, and accurately plan for events and post-incident response. By producing information-rich walk-throughs, R2S allows all relevant data to be uploaded and contextualised, to improve understanding and communication. Used across law enforcement, our software has supported casework, briefings, court presentations and interviews.

By ensuring everyone has access to the same information, R2S has also enabled forensic and security professionals to prepare for crisis and undertake effective emergency planning and response.

R2S helps save time, save money, enhance collaboration, and contribute to a safer society.

Explore offshore with R2S


Create efficiencies, accelerate decision-making, and enhance collaboration throughout the life of a vessel, or fleet, with R2S.

A proven digital twin solution, R2S captures, hosts and presents any vessel in real-world context.

R2S assists approved onboard and shore teams to visually and securely navigate through any part of a vessel, helping to plan better and make decisions faster. Typical applications  include safety planning, work package planning/ shutdowns, and full ship systems condition monitoring.

R2S continues to be specified and adopted by major global offshore operators in sectors including oil and gas.

R2S helps save time, save money, enhances collaboration, and improves safety at sea.

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Create efficiencies, accelerate decision-making, and enhance stakeholder collaboration throughout the lifecycle of a mine site and its associated infrastructure with R2S.

A proven digital twin solution, R2S is the visual interface to all facility information, providing real world context to any mine or portfolio of sites.

R2S assists approved onsite and remote teams to visually and securely navigate the site and access all relevant real-time and historic data – improving planning, operational safety and allowing informed decisions to be made faster.

Typical applications include site planning and operational assurance for face extraction and haul routes, planning for fixed machinery maintenance and shutdowns, and mapping of supporting infrastructures including communications.

R2S is recognised, recommended and deployed by major multi-nationals in high risk and extractive industries including oil and gas.

R2S helps save time, save money, improves safety, and enhances collaboration.

Offshore Wind

In a zero-subsidy world, driving efficiencies must surely become a priority.

Our observation and experience of the existing landscape of the offshore wind industry’s evolution shows that significant and fast-paced growth has led to a vast array of challenges in the maintenance of core components and the driving of efficiencies into processes.

The quest for a reduction in industry-wide levelized cost of energy (LCOE),  has led to further growth in turbine sizes and an increase in wind farm asset distance from shore. However, this quest has left in its wake a vast array of equipment which is unsystematically monitored, managed, and maintained, in part due to multiple changes in ownership and poorly documented handover processes

R2S has the ability to identify, integrate and interrogate data from historical to live, providing a comprehensive digital asset management solution that optimises planning, improves safety, enhances productivity and allows the user to make informed strategic, data driven decisions.

Vattenfall have said; “We see huge value in the R2S software. Its digital twin technology allows us to remotely manage our assets using a likefor-like digital copy. We are excited about future developments and integrations with different data sources, which will help us manage our assets more effectively and efficiently.”

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