Unlock the power of visual data. Harness digital transformation.

Push boundaries, create efficiencies, enhance safety and collaboration while reducing time and cost with our award-winning software.

By connecting data silos and building bridges between them, our digital twin solution maximises the use of data and foster better and faster decision-making.

Bringing together relevant data and integrating third-party systems in a real-world context, R2S Mosaic is effectively supporting the world’s biggest companies and a variety of organisation in facing their most pressing needs.

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Expand access to data to your stakeholders and supply chains by allowing them to view your R2S models online, without installing any software.

R2S Web enables users to conduct measurements, view images and linked data and review equipment tags and inspection reports, making critical data more accessible.

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Digitally enable offshore engineers and maintenance workers, ensure high quality of work and enhance process efficiencies and safety with our pioneering augmented reality (AR) application.

By providing access to the data already contained within R2S Mosaic, R2S AR allows on-site teams to quickly access operational and live information on the pieces of equipment they are working on, ensuring productivity and accuracy.

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Keep your visual model up-to-date and limit expenditures. By using an easy-to-use survey capture kit retaining the full functionality of R2S Mosaic, R2S Self-Capture enables your local teams to collect survey data without the need for digital surveyors.

By uploading your imagery via our secure online portal, your data is processed and made accessible in R2S in a timely manner by our digital team.

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